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Christmas with Golden Books & Joan Gale Thomas

Reading Golden books is always a walk down memory lane:) and the black and white illustrations and simple rhyme of Joan Gale Thomas is so appealing. Sharing a few more Christmas titles.

The Story of Christmas with its own Advent Calendar – Kathryn Jackson
A short snippet of the Christmas story for each day of Advent, although we were gifted the book without the calendar it easily blends with any basic Advent calendar.  I particularly love how tender Joseph is with Mary. 5 Star

The Christmas Story – Jane Werner Watson
This will be familiar to many from our own childhoods.  Perfect for young children to listen to the Christmas story, short and succinct.  The illustrations are by Eloise Wilkin, beautiful. 5 Star

The Animals’ Christmas Eve – Gale Wiersum
Barn animals recount ‘Christmas long ago’.  A sweet rhyming/counting book.  My copy is old and the illustrations (by Jim Robison) soft and gentle, the newer version’s illustrations look ugly. 4.5 Star (for old version)

The Christmas Book – Donna Kelly
Short story of Christmas, told from Baby Jesus’ view, focusing on His senses, “He liked to be held and cuddled.”. Suit small children or emerging reader.  Illustrations by Jim Robison.  4 Star

If I’d Been Born in Bethlehem – Joan Gale Thomas
A little girl imagines what it would have been like to have visited Baby Jesus in the stable with the shepherds, to have travelled with the Holy Family to Egypt and Nazareth. To have lived with the Holy Family and played daily with Jesus. Like all JG Thomas’ books told in rhyme.  5 Star

The Christmas Angel – Joan Gale Thomas
On Christmas Eve a small angel flutters down to see that all is ready for  “the birthday of his Lord”. A sweet telling of the angel’s adventures told in rhyme. 5 Star

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