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‘Dietary Cure for Acne’ and the Paleo Diet

All three of our teens have degrees of acne; two have mild acne intermittently, but one child has suffered for two years with moderate acne. Therefore I have been reading and digesting The Dietary Cure for Acne, last night I broke the news to the children that their diet is about to have a drastic change!

Obviously they wanted to know just what this entailed, we will be eating; lean meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. We won’t be consuming dairy, grains, processed/refined foods and potatoes.

Professor Loren Cordain has studies and scientific explanation to back up his discoveries, but we didn’t really need that to convince us.  PC and I have long held the belief that what is seen on the outside (skin) is a symptom of the internal, in other words ‘you are what you eat.’  So the idea that diet causes acne is totally acceptable to us, this is a large part of why we have been reluctant to try to ‘cure’ the acne with creams,  we are always cautious about what we put on our skin and instinctively we weren’t happy to go that route.

Truthfully we did break down and buy a couple of chemist products; a cleansing soap and Oxy 5.  These did make a slight difference for a time, the trouble is getting adolescents to be regular and consistent in skin care.

Our plan is to gradually make changes over the next month, and then in November we’ll undertake the 30day strict regime, then December we slowly re-introduce foods in a testing scenario.  Christmas will be a challenge but I’m sure I can be creative.

We started introducing changes this last week; no baked goodies, chocolate or Cornflakes. We are seeing results already, our child has had no new pimples! and the redness has reduced, a  noticeable difference.

So what will our menu look like?  I’ve been researching around on the net and found a few recipes, sites and blogs devoted to the Paleo diet, my main concern at present is making sure we have plenty of snack food as I can see that as our stumbling block, so any ideas greatly appreciated.

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