Don’t Say Boo To A Goose

I’ve been keen for several months to get back into the flow so when I read Boo to A Goose – Mem Fox this week, the collage illustration of the goose just begged to be created and thus we spontaneously dived in to enjoy a new Book and Activity.

I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since we’ve enjoyed doing A Book and Activity, apparently it’s been nearly two years, I’m telling myself there’s a slight possibility we have done one but not recorded it here, although I suspect nearly two years is accurate.

A quick google search and we knew what materials were needed; paper plates and feathers and what our end project should look like. Fortunately we had the materials available, or in the case of some feathers, could make them and we were quickly in production.

Jack Jack decided to take his creation to another level and created a 3D goose with wings on both sides.

The flock of geese were unlike any ever seen before 😉

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