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Easter Triduum 2015

 As always the Easter Triduum is a huge weekend in our home, four Church Masses and Services in three days tends to equal that. The Youth of our Parish solemnly and meditatively enacted the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday morning as part of our devotions.  Princess was Mary the Mother of Jesus and Michelangelo was Simon of Cyrene.


Painting easter eggs on Easter Saturday is a much anticipated event, a part of our family culture.  We’ve been painting eggs as a family for over a decade now, a tradition begun when Anna Maria was a young girl and this was one of many moments in which she was sorely missed. Her first Easter from home, far away in England.
Another ‘must do’ was the making of the mega chocolate ‘egg’. This tradition was begun a few years ago, the brainchild of Carpenter’s. The children pool resources to purchase copious amounts of chocolate, which is melted down, and marshmallows and snakes, which are diced and thus a mega ‘egg’ is created.  This year they managed to find a ‘mold’ for a bunny which weighed in at 6.1kg!
 Early Easter Sunday morning our two oldest boys and Carpenter’s girlfriend arrived home, they are home for several days. PC’s mum arrived just before Mass on Holy Thursday night so we have had a full house for celebrating the Triduum.  Easter Sunday was a day of celebrating Our Lord’s Resurrection and family togetherness:)


Of course the day is never complete without the traditional Easter egg hunt.
A wonderful Easter Triduum weekend indeed, the only woe was Anna Maria’s absence.
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