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Excellence Award

Imagine my surprise and delight to be honoured with The Excellence Award by my dear friend Jenny from He Knows My Name Thank you Jenny:)

The Rules to the Excellence Award are simple I must choose ten blogs that I believe to Excellent. In turn if you are one of my ten you choose ten blogs that you feel share an excellent quality. You can give the award to as many people as you like-even those that have received it already, but please award at least 10 people.

My ten are:
Joann from Ten Kids and a Dog Joann is always chock full of excellent ideas and they have been put into practice from a mum of many. What more could I ask for.
Mary from St Athanasius Academy always inspires me with her book lists and creativity. Her new book has even me even considering whether I can learn to knit.
Tina from Mary’s Muse has the same amount of children and pretty similar ages to mine so I am always keen to glean ideas.
Tracy from Pinewood Castle has such enthusiasm and reading her blog always inspires me.
Cheryl from My Thoughtful Spot children have such a rich education I am always inspired.
Suzanne from Blessed Among Men shares the joys and funny side of life with a all male household. Loads of inspiration here too.
Kimberlee from Pondered in My Heart is another mum with the same number of blessings as mine and similar ages. Another spot to glean ideas from.
Andrea from Gray Family Circus is a source of ideas for my younger ones, I particularly love her Montessori posts.
Marianne from Learning 2 Love shares much of excellence and I just love her book lists.
Theresa from LaPaz Home Learning has finally got me convinced to try a Project Based Learning approach. It’s taken a while;). Loads of ideas and heaps of inspiration here.

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  • Joannof10

    Thank-you thank-you for this award! I am sorry it took so long to respond, but we have had kids with colds, the flu, and ear infections! I enjoy visiting your site. The kids are always excited when we hear from folks who aren’t even have the same season as we are!LOL

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