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Feast of St Barbara

Today is the Feast of St Barbara, a couple of years ago our family added a new tradition. This tradition was introduced to us by my friend A, whose family originates from a little Italian village Zolli in the Avellino Province of Italy. Every year the children are excited to make, smash and eat our tower.

We make a chocolate tower that represents the tower that St Barbara was imprisoned in, inside are red and white lollies that represent her martyrdom and purity. We made our tower from a large family block of Cadbury. Then we melted cooking chocolate over a saucepan of boiling water and used it to ‘glue’ the sides together.

Carpenter decided to be a little more creative this time and designed a tower roof with some extra pieces of chocolate. Fortunately Einstein reminded us to fill the tower with the lollies before we laid the roof.

Then we waited patiently;) until PC was home so we could knock down our ‘pinata’ whilst blindfolded, and of course the ‘rubble’ was eaten.

See Jenn for further links of other traditions and activities.
And our photos from last year, which show a slightly different design.

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