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The First Sod is Turned

5.30am Thursday morning saw PC and I out finishing off the pier marking. At regular intervals we sprayed crosses on the ground in preparation for the digging Friday morning.

Thursday afternoon saw us in a bit of a spin as we hadn’t get received construction approval from Council (this is extra to the DA approval) We went to bed with the ‘Dingo Man’ on standby and urgent messages left with the building inspector. We were unsure what Friday would bring.

Early Friday we were still completing the marking when the building inspector rang at 7.45am to say we did indeed have the go ahead! A quick phone call to the ‘Dingo Man’ and he was on his way. We had a mad scramble to get all complete before he arrived.

*The computer and camera’s memory chip had a battle, and we have lost all of our photos for the week:(:( I’m sure you can imagine our distress, so no ‘marking,’ ‘first sod’ photos etc:(

When the ‘Dingo Man’ arrived he attached an auger to the front of his little machine and dug 80 holes in two hours. He then swapped the auger for a blade and scrapped the dirt of the site. It made the job so easy. Thank goodness I talked PC out of digging them all by hand!

We then spent the weekend cleaning out the holes for the footing inspection, which will be today.

The heat was incredible, once again in the mid 30C (mid 90F).

Jem just loved ‘helping.’

There were constant calls for ‘Stingo!’ as the green ants were out biting in force.
One of the children suggested it sounded like the call for ‘Tar, Boy!’

Please pray that against all odds we can get the windows made before Christmas.

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