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Found: One Book Stand!

On a recent weekend we made our way to the back of a local op-shop to deposit a box. Afterwards on our way out of the alley we noticed a metal stand at the back of a shop which had recently closed its doors. The stand had obviously been thrown out so PC quickly stopped the car and announced, “That would make a great bookstand.” (Isn’t he just perfect?:)

We bought it home and loaded it with books, the visual display is rather attractive. Alas the slots are not wide enough for picture books, it houses only chapter books. A great way to entice everyone with hither to unnoticed books. Some would call it strewing;)

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  • Deanne

    I had one of these I found at a garage sale, but I got rid of it after a while as it just got in the way in our little house, it also only fitted very small novels in it so it was a little inconvenient in that respect.
    With all your room it should be a great asset!

  • Erin

    It's working, they are picking up new books! Would love to have your girl come read with them:)

    We really would find lots to talk about, kindred spirits{}

    thought of you, love to hear what you think.

    The funny thing is I did look at it when the shop was selling all its contents and thought, too dear, but as it was going for free!;)

    I would have been very ecstatic if I could fit picture books, still my strewing is working:)

    You are so, so funny. My family all came to see why I was laughing so hysterically. Thank you for not drooling on my precious books;) 🙂

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