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Gyprocking The Great Hall

We are racing down the ‘home run’ now!  Last weekend we gyprocked the Great Hall.  Only one more room to finish gyrocking and the whole house will be finished:)

First the roof battens have to be screwed down.

Then the sheeting goes up on the ceiling.

So many times over the last few years we have been very grateful we purchased our own gyrock hoist.

Next the insulation is measured, cut and installed.

Then time to measure, cut, glue and screw the gyprock into place.

Time to brag about how impressed I am with PC’s precision, he never makes a mistake.  Likely because he always measures twice before cutting and rarely looses his cool.

This ceiling part here was rather tricky as we had to turn a corner.  

This wall looks rather blank at present.  Eventually this will be our new kitchen and the stove, fridge and cupboards will fill in the blank.

Whilst we worked on the two rooms of the Great Hall, I admit to feeling a little frazzled.  One of the downsides of living in a house under construction means that when it is time to work in a room, all belongings have to be moved out.  For over two weekends two of our main living rooms were emptied into our other living areas, frankly it was a MESS.

Finally late one night it was all completed:)  The room at the front here will eventually be our dining room, for now it is the pool room.

Looking from the other end, the immediate area here will eventually be our kitchen, for now it is our dining/learning room.

So excited to have sheeting on the wall of this area:):)

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