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Happy 18th Carpenter

Happy 18th Carpenter{{{}}}

Words simply cannot express how proud we are of the young man you have become and the direction you are taking.  In the last several months you have matured immensely, a door opened for you and you stepped forth in Faith, leaving home and beginning College.  You have impressed us with the decisions you have made and the way you have conducted yourself as a young Christian gentleman.  Well done Son, we love you so very much, we miss you daily but are so very happy for you{{{{{}}}}}

Carpenter’s birthday was actually last week and we and a couple of his local friends headed down to the City to celebrate with him. On the Saturday night we headed out for Chinese and were joined by local uncles, aunt, cousins and Grandma.

Carpenter’s actual birthday fell on Mother’s Day and the children were determined to honour both of us.  The greatest present for me was to be able to celebrate Number One Son’s birthday together, and a very special moment was to attend Mass with all of our children:) PC’s mother and my two brothers/godsons (my first ‘babies’), a highlight for me!

Afterwards 14 of Carpenter’s closest friends joined us, Grandma and uncles at a local park and helped us celebrate his birthday.  It was a special day filled with laughter and friendship, just what he wanted.
It was wonderful to meet his friends, stay at his ‘digs’ and experience the rhythm of his life.  A very, special, quick flying trip to the City, a weekend treasured in our hearts.

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