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Hearts for Home: June 16th

In my weekly ‘Hearts for Home’ post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our ‘Hearts for Home’.

My Hearts for Home commitments this week include two new ones and a re-commitment to last weeks’ four. I made good progress at No.s 1,3 and 4 but failed dismally at No. 2 so I need another week’s try.

1To spend time each day playing outside with my children.
A game of basketball, jumping on the trampoline or my exercise routine; this precious time spent with my children means so much to them.

2To daily enjoy picture books with my little ones.
This sharing nurtures not only their hearts but mine too.

3To use my gentle voice at all times.
This will be a challenge at times but I am determined.

4To put my husband first.
This could be an even bigger challenge, he is not one to particularly make his needs heard so I have to be proactive.

To be really present for my children.
This means I need to keep my phone calls shorter (which is hard as my friends are precious too), to put down my book, turn from the internet, stop the household project and simply be.

To move on the re-decoration plans.
My house is functional and bland. I want it to be warm and inviting. Deep thought needed.

Please consider joining in and supporting one another in our vocation. I look forward to meeting you at Cherished Hearts for Home.

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