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Hearts for Home: September 29th

In my weekly ‘Hearts for Home’ post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our ‘Hearts for Home’.

To celebrate three of the liturgical Feasts this week:)

To read lots and lots of books.
(Still trying here)

To re-commit to our prayer routine.

To start exercising again.
It brings balance to my life and we are all better for it.

Come on over and join in supporting one another in our vocation. I look forward to meeting you at Cherished Hearts for Home.

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  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    Wow 3 feast days taht is good. hoe you post on them. I am hoping to d a tutorial BEFORE the Feast of the Guardian Anges on those wool and Angels and some silk angels, as you requested.
    God Bless

  • ~ Judy ~

    Great list Erin! So true about exercise…and I actually feel much the same about daily prayer, don't you? It brings that same sort of balance! ENJOY YOUR FEAST DAY CELEBRATIONS!

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