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Homeschool Confirmation/ FHC Mass, Einstein’s Big Day

Day 2
Tuesday dawned, the BIG day, and Our Lady’s Birthday. For the past seven years the homeschool children of our diocese have made their First Holy Communion and Confirmation at our Homeschool Camp Mass. All of my children have made their sacraments thus far, with our Bishop, within their homeschool community. (except Koala made her FHC with our parish, a whole ‘nother story;) Today Einstein makes his Confirmation. We are so excited.

All of camp attends the Mass held at the local Catholic Church; five of the boys prepare to serve for the Bishop, Michelangelo is one (he is mitre bearer). A few of the girls join to make a choir, Koala is part of this, Father T-M plays the organ.

The Mass is offered in the Novus Ordo rite, although the Bishop faces God, and the responses are sung in Latin. The Mass is beautiful; in all its glory. We sing traditional hymns,, a combination of Confirmation and Communion hymns.

Einstein’s moment has arrived, he takes the name Ignatius. Big brother, Carpenter is his sponsor. The most disappointing part is PC is outside with little people, fortunately we have photos and a video clip. Seven children make their Confirmation today.

The First Holy Communicants carry the offertory gifts. PC and I are blessed to be here today to share with our goddaughter Bridget, as well. She is so excited to be making her First Holy Communion. Four children make their FHC today.

The Bishop chausable is in honour of Our Lady’s Birthday and it is absolutely beautiful. I managed to catch a photo of Michelangelo as the Bishop and server’s leave.

We now have one very happy boy:)

A picture with his Bishop.

Brothers fooling around.

My mum and her husband with Einstein. My sister Tamsin is missing from the shot.

I can’t believe we actually managed to get a family shot without too much trouble.

We head back to camp, generally our Bishop comes back for the afternoon with us, this year he can’t make it. We have lunch and head to the beach to unwind. We delay the cake and ‘party’.

Late afternoon sees us back into catechetical sessions. This time C. presents the baptismal materials to the younger children.

The older children are presented with the Mass materials.

Father T-M once again talks to the teenagers.

After tea we gather in the Chapel for Benediction and the Rosary.
Father says Mass.

Then the night activities begin; tonight PC leads the children in a Trivia Quiz. I put my little ones to bed, they’re exhausted.

This post, the previous one, and the following three, to come, are dedicated to my friend Jenn who is so keen to know how our camp is run.

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