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I Knitted a Nappy Cover!

A couple of months back I was visiting my friend’s newborn and espied her babe’s nappy cover. Pure wool, handknitted by a friend I just fell in love with the design and colour. Sounds crazy I know, I wanted one, the major problem though was I had never learnt to knit.

Undaunted I called upon some advice from the ladies at Oz Cloth Nappies regards materials and patterns. PC was recruited to teach me how to knit, the poor man I strained his patience;) but eventually I was off and knitting. We used No. 6 needles; 8ply, 100% pure wool. I know these colours may look a little feminine but I just loved them. I have plans to make another cover, next time in aqua blue and green.

We knitted 20 rows of plain and 20 rows of ribbing (this gathers the cover between his legs) and another 20 plain. I turned the top over and ran elastic through. The sides were sewn with wool and an embroidery needle. I then made up a lanolising wash; blob of lanolin cream, blog of baby shampoo and a couple of drops of lavender in boiling water. I added this to warm water and soaked cover for 20 minutes. This water-proved the cover.

I’m very proud of my first knitting project and I can’t believe I finished! Jem loves his cover and so do I:)

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