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Ingrained Domestic Habits


Last week the contestants of The Block cooked up a storm, with Katrina and Amie sharing a family recipe handed down from their grandmother. “This recipe has been handed down from our grandmother, to our mother, to us and we’ll hand it to our children; from generation to generation.”

Recipes are often passed from “generation to generation” but so too are cleaning tips, management style and household habits.  Often many of the habits that we take into our households are ingrained from our own childhood, or sometimes a desire to ‘improve the model.’  What one household is adamant that it, must be done ‘this way, ‘ another family may be relaxed about and vice versa.

So what are some of my must do’s? I must:

Always have a tablecloth on the table
Always put a pillow case on the pillow
Doona case on doonas
Never step out with wrinkled clothing
Deep cleaning is tied to the Church seasons; Lent and Advent

What habits have ‘stuck’ with you and you feel physically incapable of doing in any other way as the proverbial ‘bolt of lightening’ may hit you?

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