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Kitchen Coming Together


‘Behind the scenes’ here, kitchen progress has been moving along.  Two weeks ago our cabinet makers delivered our flat pack, oh the excitement! First task was sorting and matching cabinet pieces, rather a large task undertaking that Michelangelo(17) took care of.


Bass(5) was excited to be given the job of sorting the huge pile of screws into ‘like together,’ he was happily occupied for an hour.
kitchen-4 kitchen-5


Constructing all the cabinets took several afternoons and nights, a project made easier thanks to the preciseness of the cabinetry. Michelangelo impressed us with his diligence, often working in the afternoons by himself whilst PC was at work.



The floors had to be checked to ensure they were level, which of course they weren’t quite. PC then had to scribe (plane) the plinths (bases) so that they all sat level before the cabinets went on.

kitchen-8 kitchen-9

The cabinets were then moved into place, the spirit level was sought once again, then cabinets were screwed onto the wall or together.


Monday night the benchtop finally arrived, I admit I was rather giddy at that moment. The next challenge arose, how could to screw the three bench pieces together when the space was so tight? Fortunately Michelangelo’s brilliant suggestion of removing the cabinets directly underneath the screw spaces and tightening from underneath, ‘saved the day.’


Our attentions then turned towards placing the fronts onto our drawers, so the drawers could be installed.

We’re now in the final stages of our kitchen remodel, so stay tuned for the great reveal 🙂

*Sharing over at the Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday.

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