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Koala has read her 60 Books!!

Koala has finished her bookworm! As I shared previously she had to read 60, it sounds like alot, but well, she is a speed reader and an incredibly voracious reader so it seemed fairly comparable to the boys’ target. Due to my rules, she has only just completed her target, truth be told in this time period she has most likely read 180 books but Trixie Belden and Enid Blyton don’t cut the ice with me.

I thought it may be of interest to share her list here for those readers whom like me are constantly on the look out for book lists. The list is rather eclectic reflecting the type of reader Koala is. I have included all the books she read just prior to her bookworm period, so these are books read since August.

*Aiken Joan -Night Birds of Nantucket

*Alcott Louisa May -Rose in Bloom

*Arthur Ruth -The Saracen Lamp

*Austen Jane -Pride and Prejudice

*Ballantyne R M -The Coral Island

*Beatty Patricia -Eight Mules From Monterey

*Benary-Isbert Margot -Under a Changing Moon

*Benedict Dorothy – Pagan the Black

*Blackmore RD -Lorna Donne

*Bonzon Paul-Jacques -The Orphans of Simitra

*Borton Elizabeth -Pollyanna and the Secret Mission
-Pollyanna’s Castle in Mexico

*Brinsmead HF -Listen to the Wind
-Pastures of the Blue Crane

*Bronte Charlotte -Jane Eyre

*Broster D K -The Dark Mile
-The Gleam in the North

*Chauncy Nan -Tangara

*Clark Mavis Thorpe -Blue Above the Trees

*Coolidge Susan- -What Katy Did
-What Katy did at School
-What Katy did Next

*Cooper Fennimore -The Last of the Mohicans

*Cummins Miss – The Lamplighter

*de Valera Sinead -Fairy Tales of Ireland

*Dillon Ellis -The Lost Island

*Doman Regina – Black as Night
– Shadow of the Bear

*Edwards Josephine Cunnington -Swift Arrow

*Eliot George -Mill on the Floss(Abridg.)

*Enright Elizabeth -Spiderweb for Two
-The Four Storey Mistake

*Fatchen Max -The Time Wave

*Finn Fr Francis -Claude Lightfoot or How the problem was Solved
-Ethelred Preston or The Adventures of a Newcomer
-Harry Dee or Working it Out
-Percy Wynn or making a Boy of Him
-Tom Playfair or Making a Start
-That Football Game and What Came of it

*Garfield Leon -The Sound of Coaches

*Green Roger Lancelyn -Robin Hood

*Gunther John -Jason and the Golden Fleece

*Henty G A -Winning His Spurs

*High Spirits -Reader for Form 1

*Hosford Dorothy -Sons of the Volsungs

*Hubbard Margaret Ann -The Blue Gonfalon at the First Crusade

*Hunter Mollie -The Lothian Run
-Thomas and the Warlock

*Jacques Brian -The Angel’s Command
-Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
-Voyage of Slaves

*Jewett Sarah Orner -A White Heron

*Kingsley Charles -Westward Ho!

*Kipling Rudyard -Captain Courageous

*Knowles Anne -The Stirup and the Ground

*Lawrence Ann -Between the Forest and the Hills

*Lenski Lois -Indian Captive, The Story of Mary Jemison

*Mayne William -Hob and the Peddler

*McKellar John -Tree by the Creek

*Montgomery LM -A Tangled Web
-Emily Climbs
-Emily of the New Moon
-Emily’s Quest
-Jane of Lantern Hill
-The Story Girl

*Munroe Kirk – The Flamingo Feather

*O’Harris Pixie -Poppy Faces the World

*Oxenham Elsie J -Maid of the Abbey
-The Abbey Girls in Town

*Patchett Mary Elwyn -Ajax the Warrior

*Phipson Joan- The Boundary Riders

*Peyton KM -The Right-Hand Man

*Porter Eleanor -Pollyanna
-Pollyanna Grows Up

*Porter Gene Stratton – Laddie

*Rossiter Phyllis -Moxie

*Scott Bill – Shadows among the Leaves

*Seredy Kate -The Good Master

*Skinner Constance Lindsey -Becky Landers

*Smith Harriet Lummis -Pollyanna’s Western adventure

*Smith Vian -King Sam

*Stevenson R L -The Black Arrow

*Styles Showell -The Tiger Patrol Presses On

*Sutcliff Rosemary- The Eagle of the Ninth

*Thwaite Ann -The Camelthorn Papers

*Timms E V -They Came From The Sea

*Trapp Maria Augusta -The Trapp Family Singers

*Trease Geoffrey -Word to Caesar
-Cue for Treason

*Trevor Meriol – The Rose Round

*Wier Ester -The Loner

*Weir Rosemary -Blood Royal

*Worth Kathryn -They Loved to Laugh

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  • Therese

    Sam enjoys any book. He has read the Lord of the Rings several times, the Harry Potter series and a lot of Frank Paretti’s books. When he goes to the library he tends to go for science fiction novels mainly.

  • Louise

    Thank you Erin for this wonderful list. I have been looking for things for J and he has actually read quite a few of these and enjoyed many so I am printing this list out to have it handy.
    I have been trawling through all of your high school posts and you are such a wonderful asset to all home schoolers <3 I am going to catch up soon for a really good talk.

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