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Koala Passing Through

koaal 2

Imagine our excitement to see this little fella outside our window, hopping across the paddock heading for a gum tree. We believed he was only passing through and didn’t expect to see him the following morning. We were excited when he was still there the next day, staying a couple of nights before moving on.

koala 1

Koala’s will only eat leaves from 40-50 species of gum trees, avoiding the leaves from other gums of which there are more than 900 species. They also prefer gum leaves of a particular age, ‘not too old, not too young, but just right.’

koala 3

We suspect this rare sight was due to the recent rains, as new shoots are bursting on all the gum trees.

Koalas in Australia are vulnerable and this is only my second sighting since childhood, when over thirty years ago the koala population was decimated by the disease ‘wet bottom.’

koala 4

I’m certain this is a sight our children will long remember. Few Australians are privileged to see koalas outside of the zoo.

Exciting couple of days indeed.

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