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Learning Rooms in Small Houses

One of my favourite posts in blogosphere are pictures and descriptions of learning rooms. I enjoy seeing different families’ environments and can well understand how these beautiful rooms would foster creativity both for the children and for mum. But what happens when your learning area isn’t too thrilling ascetically, when you are very limited for space? Well for one you get very creative in maximizing what available area you do have.

We live in a very small house, with ten people. It literally is ten steps by eight steps in this room. This is our learning/computer/dining/lounge room all rolled in one. The dining table you see in the foreground is where we all work , although Koala often works at a desk in her room. On the far left wall you can see our cork board. (Currently covered in pictures of St George)

Recently we purchased this table and chairs (a great garage sale find:) and the little ones work here which has freed up the table immensely.

Directly opposite the lounge are our daily supplies, housed in the cupboard on top of the TV cabinet. The cupboard has been turned upside down to maximize space.
The phonics chart is on top.

Each child’s daily books are stored in a magazine file holder; every morning they pull out their file holder and are ready to start. A couple of extra file holder’s house more books used on a weekly basis. Resource books that we are currently using are on the top shelf.

In the right hand side of the cupboard, are extra supplies, more teacher resources and the drawers hold art materials, and maths and science aids.

The bottom two shelves of the TV cabinet hold stationery that is used constantly. Pencils, erasers, glue, sticky tape etc. The items that our children consider as important as food;)

In the far front corner of the room adjacent with the front door, is the computer corner. Here is where all my planning is done, If I need to spread out I use the dining table. The children use this computer as well; although we are also blessed with a couple of other computers which are in the children’s rooms.

Right next top the front door is the whiteboard. This is very visible to the children sitting at the table. Underneath is the Faith bookcase and on top are the ‘theme’books, currently Easter books.

So if anyone is considering homeschooling and wondering if they could manage in a small space let me assure you it can be done:)

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  • Mary G

    Gee … seems plenty big enough to me! You’ve got it set up so nicely … and convenient! I love having all of us in the same room, working together. The couches are very cozy, which makes for some great read-aloud time, huh?

  • Marilyn

    Erin – you have a great set-up – it looks like a wonderful learning environment to me. We have a smallish house too – but very open plan – so some will be in the learning room, some in the kitchen, some at the dining table and others on the couch in the living room – and we are all within talking distance and I can be present with all of them.

    AND – don’t forget – you actually have 140 acres more of learning space out in your backyard… (can you tell I am a little green with envy!!)

  • Lucy

    We have a similar sized space, and I am so pleased to see someone who has made it work with a large family including older children.

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