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Library Ready And Waiting


floor p 2

Once our library floor had been laid it was time to turn our focus to sanding and polyurethane-ing the floor, therefore last weekend we hired a sander and began our first foray into finishing a floor.

floor p 3

After PC ran the industrial sander over the floor a few times; Michelangelo, Princess and PC puttied all the nail holes. When we laid the floor we had secret nailed but as our timber was recycled it contained many previous holes.

floor p 4floor p 7 floor p 5

As our flooring was recycled it came complete with ready made ‘character’ in that they had been worn unevenly across their surface in their past life in a classroom.  To keep some of this character we chose to not use the industrial sander to sand everything completely flat but instead took out the worse of the unevenness between boards and then hand sanded the parts where the big sander hat not yet reached.  This was mostly at the join edges of some part of most boards. Fortunately we had many willing hands to assist.

floor p 6

Next the edges were sanded with the much smaller orbital sander. Then the industrial sander completed a few more laps, finalising with finer grained sand paper.

floor p 9

Such an exciting moment when the first coat of polyurethane was rolled on.  After deliberation we decided on water based polyurethane and were surprised at how little it smelled.  In between coats the floor was give a light sand and received three coats in total.

floor p 10 floor p 11 floor p 12

So pleased with how it now looks 🙂 🙂

Skirting boards go on this Saturday and this Sunday, Mother’s Day I receive the best present, we move all the books into our new library!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


*Sharing over at The Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday.

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