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Love to Hear Your Voice: A Reader Survey

Can you believe nine years have passed since I first picked up the pen keyboard here! Some months the words and pictures have flowed easily and frequently, other months sparsely.  One thing is a certainty though, I’m so glad (and so is my family) that I’ve continued blogging all these years. What memories I’ve captured that certainly wouldn’t have been recorded at all otherwise. I’ve definitely grown as a writer and more recently as a photographer, developing and honing my skills, crafting words and pictures together brings me pleasure ’cause nurturing creativity is important, really important.

Without you though, my dear reader, we couldn’t have a conversation, we couldn’t be a community. I greatly appreciate your presence here and would like to know more about you, about why you come here and what you are hoping to find whilst here. I love my space here, I love the dialogue, the community and want it to bring you much pleasure too.

Could you spare a few minutes to fill out a reader survey for me? Won’t take long, seventeen questions in total, most are a quick ‘click of the button’. I promise to come back and share your answers next week after the survey concludes as I’m sure you’re as eager as I to know who you all are and how I can help you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

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