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Making a Knight’s Costume

A fortnight ago we celebrated Jem’s 5th birthday, this year I purchased and created a few dress ups as gifts.  I found a knight’s costume rather doable to make.

Whilst op-shopping I was lucky to find a very large women’s silver top. This material was cut down to make the armour, both top and underhelmet.

Learning how to make my own pattern gave me confidence to undertake this project.

Best of all I can re-use this template now for other small boys if needed.  The hood and top are two separate pieces.

Sewing right sides together it didn’t take long to stitch seams.  Armour completed.

The surcoat was simply a matter of buying a larger children’s top at the opshop, cutting off the sleeves and cutting slits up the sides.  Then I painted on a cross with fabric paint.  He loves his outfit,

so do his brothers:)  Big brother kindly made a sword.

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