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Mass Bags for Little Ones

A dear friend sent me some beautiful material, my plan was to make Mass bags for my little ones.

Yesterday I completed them!
An A4 size they are just the right size to fit prayer books in. The children can’t wait to use them.

I had plans to give you a quick tutorial on making the bags, they were so easy once I worked it out. Unfortunately I can’t retrieve the photos off my camera so it will be all verbal.

The material was a metre length, I cut into four rectangles. Turning right sides together on the fold I only needed to sew along one side and the bottom. I also cut four rectangles of four different fabrics and made lining bags. Turning the lining bag inside out, I placed it inside the outer bag. I turned the top of both bags inwards and sewed around the top pressing a nice edge. I had purchased wide tape for the handles, as I sewed the top edge I sewed the ends of the handles on both sides of the bag, between the two bags at the top.

So quick and easy. And looks so lovely.

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