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Miraculous Medal Craft

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. In honour of Our Blessed Mother’s feast we created out own miraculous medals. Yesterday I posted links to Anne’s blog and shared that we were off to the shop to see what our craft shop yielded. Alas, as I thought I found nothing as fantastic as Spotlight but still enough to suit our needs. I purchased 5 flat oval(90cm) craft wood pieces for the older children and 2 small circles of craft wood for the younger two as they never want to be left out.

The children painted these blue.

For the stars we punched out stars with the paper punch and glued them on.

I did a google search to come up with a picture of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. I know Anne did many amazing decorative feats with her picture (it really is worth looking at) but the children just wanted to cut and paste and for the little ones particularly this was sufficient.

Here was where we ran into a slight problem. I was busy supervising elsewhere before I discovered Michelangelo and Princess had glued their picture on the same side as their stars. We discussed how it should be and happily continued.

We then did a further google search asking for ‘Immaculate Heart’ and ‘Sacred Heart’ for our pictures on the back. Mum’s help was needed to draw a template for the Letter M and the Cross which was cut from felt.

This completed our ‘medal’.

And of course we didn’t forget to ‘help’ the little ones.

Jack Jack has been walking around all afternoon clutching his ‘medal’ he is so proud.

If you’d like to understand more of the symbolism of the Miraculous Medal Anne’s explanation is worth reading.

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