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My Daybook: January 20th, 2015

Outside my window…
the sun is shining, though thankfully it’s far cooler today than recent days

I am thankful…
that a loved one’s health is improving.  It’s been a long road but the ‘light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter’ :):)

I am thinking…
about the direction for our local homeschool support group this year. I created a survey for our group and slowly forms are trickling in, first we need to know the needs of all and then we’ll tackle how to meet those needs. Collating the information tonight, and then taking it all to a planning meeting tomorrow.

Learning all the time…
the new school year begins for the local schools at the end of the month, but we started back last week.  We were craving routine and then last year’s Term 4’s academic achievements were on the ‘light side’. Off to a good start, eased back in last week with just maths and language arts, ‘upping the ante’ this week by adding in faith, history, science and geography.

Celebrating the liturgical year……
exciting news is…. I won Haley’s cookbook Feasts!! How exciting is that, gluten free, real foods to celebrate the liturgical year!:)

From the kitchen…
have slipped easily into a gluten and dairy free rhythm now. On my ‘to do’ list is to write a menu for my mum who wants needs to go grain, dairy and sugar free.  She is suffering badly with arthritis on her knee, she knows she needs this, it’s just where to start, and I get that, I do, hence my offer to write her a menu and a shopping list, so stay tuned.

I am creating…
spreadsheets to aid the children, and I, in knowing what they are to achieve each day lesson wise. Truth is though some children aren’t always consistent in noting work achieved on their checklists, I’m planning on filling their lists myself this Term in consultation with them, and I’m percolating what Sarah had to say about using a spiral notebook.

I am working on…
finding a comfortable rhythm with; lessons, housecleaning, cooking, bedtimes etc.  Starting back early before all extra-curricula lessons begin has been rather gentle.

I am going…
to make a few phone calls today lining up more extra-curricula activities for this Term.  Checking out dance, swimming and singing lessons, I’m a little nervous about taking on too much, planning on gathering info and then evaluate. When Einstein left home I lost one of my drivers and when Anna Maria leaves mid-term I’ll lose another, I’ve been rather spoilt the last year.

I am hoping…
still focused on having a Joyful year, but it’s been a conscious effort at times banishing thoughts that try to rob me of my Joy

I am praying…

  • that Einstein finds work in the ‘Big Smoke’
  • that our loved one’s health continues to improve
  • for my Mum’s knee
  • for our nieces who are both getting married in March
  • for my brother who will be married next year
  • for a loved couple who are mourning the lose of their unborn babe

I am pondering….
how to achieve excellent academic progress this year. I’m feeling confident this could be a good year for us.

I am reading…
many wonderful books, working my way through the list, hoping to share details soon, but for now the past fortnights reads:
Rescue, Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture – Candy Gibbs – Review
Stealing Jenny – Ellen Gable – loved it!
The Year of Miss Agnes – Hill Kirkpatrick – enjoyed
Erin’s Ring – Laura Pearl – loved, loved it!
Silver Lake – R M Ballantyne – enjoyed
Around the World in 80 Days – Jules Verne – boring
Home to Holly Springs – Jan Karon – enjoyed

Carpenter and his girlfriend:)

I am hearing…
Michelangelo just repeated to me an amusing conversation he overheard.
Jem(6) and Jack Jack were working on their lessons. JJ kept making noises, irritating and distracting his brother from his lesson. Jem said, “Be quiet I’m trying to Consecrate”! Too funny:)

I am struggling…
to keep my cool with the dramatics of teen and pre-teen girls

Clicking around…

Around the house…
changing cleaning rosters, that’s what happens when a child leaves home.  Trialing a few new ways, tweaking here and there

One of my favorite things…
my husband, love that man, still pinch myself everyday and wonder how I got so lucky

A few plans for this week…

  • Local homeschool group’s planning meeting. Suspect I’ll have a few friends over for lunch after:)
  • Orthodontist appointment for Jelly Bean. Note to self: DO NOT forget this appointment again!
  • Attempting to manage a full lesson load this week

A little peek at my day…

  • blog posts to write
  • cleaning to do, nothing terribly exciting happening and that’s good:)
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  • Cassie Williams

    Love the pictures! It seems so strange to imagine starting a new school year right now. I still have to stop and think about the differences in our seasons. ; ) Yet, I'm a little jealous as I'm ready to be done with our year and start anew. And we are only half way through! It's not a bad school year though. I think it's just the winter season that makes me feel this way. (Oh, how I wish we could move to a climate with a mild winter!). Have a good week!

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    I could comment on so many wonderful things about your post but wow, I just have to say if nothing, else how beautiful it is to hear women praise and love their men. I hear so many put down their men, even if it's in a joking way, that it's truly beautiful to read/hear people express their gratitude and love for their other half, especially if it is a longer term relationship. (I nearly said well-worn … lol) Thank you for being inspirational. xxx

  • Renee Wilson

    Lovely to catch up on how you are all doing. The gluten and dairy free diet sounds really interesting. I'm doing a detox at the moment and am off gluten and dairy. It's early days yet. I miss cheese though 😉 Hope your mum's knee is okay and your friend too.

    • Erin

      Turns out mum's knee isn't arthritis (thanks doc) but she had popped it out. In now thanks to a sports trainer. I miss yoghurt:( cheese always made me ill anyhow. How's your detox going? I've added no sugar too and the weight is falling daily:)

  • Bron Maxabella

    I'm searching for my rhythm too, Erin. I know that in three days time I will need to be back in the groove for a brand new school year and I just can't find my beat!

    Always lovely to catch up with you via your daybook. x

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