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My Daybook: November 19th, 2014

Outside my window…
the sky is overcast, finally a break in the intense heat, over 40C (104F) days we have been experiencing.

I am thankful…
that our College boy is coming home today on the train!!!!!:):):)
So thankful that he received quality care during his surgery and follow up visits, that he has his new wrist cast on and that he is coming home:):)  He will be home for a couple of months!!!! Yep I’m dancing with delight!

I am thinking…
about preparations for Carpenter’s homecoming. When family members are coming home the house receives a deep clean, a clean house is pleasant way to be greeted and a way to honour them.

Learning all the time…
achieving all on our lesson plans becomes a challenge by November, as the year draws to a close we’re tired and the heat is incredible some days. Last week’s heat with no air conditioner wilted us, though fortunately we have fans this summer.
We are learning though, certainly the older ones with more success.

Celebrating the liturgical year……
was rather pleased to complete my Mega List of Catholic Picture Books, some ‘cream of the crop’ books there.  Currently working on a list of Bible picture books to deepen our understanding of our ‘roots’ by studying/reading the Jesse Tree.

From the kitchen…
whenever I’ve baked this week I’ve substituted gluten free flour for wheat, I prefer the taste aside from the health benefits. Today though it will be salads, too hot for anything else.

I am creating…
just finished sewing 16 more fabric boxes! Mammoth task and now the toy and dress up area is looking very tidy… I wonder how long it will stay that way..

I am working on…
Christmas present lists and preparations.  I realised with shock this week that it’s nearly Advent! Hoping we can do much of our present shopping online this year, but first need to finish the lists. Oh yes and Bella turns one, three days before Christmas, so need to plan for her celebration too.

I am going…
to the train station to meet our boy tonight or maybe PC gets the honour, we’ll be ‘flipping a coin’ later to see who is the ‘winner’:)

I am hoping…
Einstein receives positive news in regards to his plans for next year

I am praying…

  • in thanksgiving for the safe arrival of our new niece
  • for another special babe
  • for Einstein as he discerns direction
Photo Credit: Goanna by Michelangelo

I am pondering….
personalities and traits, accepting who I am thanks to Dressing Your Truth

I am reading and listening to……
Dressing Your Truth.  Oh wow, one of those ‘life changing’ books.  I’ve realised that all these years I’ve been trying to dress as someone I’m not.  Processing the information and listening to the episodes, sure hope they can ‘steer me right’.

I am hearing…
Bella ‘talking’ on the floor as she plays next to me, she sure has plenty to say and younger children playing on their computers as I type.

I am struggling…
not struggling this week, that was last fortnight with all its medical crisis, I was beginning to unravel by the end. Thankfully drama free now

Clicking around…
researching commenting systems; comment luv, disqus, livefyre, google+s, intense debate notifications.  Should I install one of these systems and which one would be the best system for my readers? I’d like to foster a community but want to make the experience friendly to all. What do you know about any of these? Experiences, thoughts please.

Around the house…
lots of building projects coming to fruition: four cupboards built, bathroom and laundry completed, the ensuite awaits my painting brush. We should be ready for the plumber by December, if only I can get the warehouse to deliver the bathtub and basins.

One of my favorite things…

  • having all our children home together, can’t wait!!
  • family games time too, lots of that happening lately

A few plans for this week…

  • Visited with a local blogging family this week:)
  • Meeting another blogging family later in the week as they travel through, very excited.  The internet can be a positive experience, a community.


A little peek at my day…

  • Cleaning house in preparation for our boy!
  • X-ray visit for Jelly Bean in preparation for her orthodontic visit
  • Ballet run for Princess, during which time I’ll run errands including collecting library books
  • Green grocer purchasing due but Einstein has kindly offered to do it:) Independent teen drivers make life much easier
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  • Anonymous

    Never a dull moment at our place! Love your wrap up, makes me feel like I'm almost there with you 😉 Great photos help catch the moment too.

  • Sarah

    Wow – what kind of lizard is that huge one in the tree? We don't have anything like that around here, though I occasionally find little geckos that have snuck into the house.

    104 is quite hot to tolerate without air conditioning! My least favorite thing about our Army postings in South Texas was the heat because it's desert with almost no shade (though we did have air conditioning). My first summer there we had 60 days over 100 – quite a shock for someone who grew up in the northern U.S. with cold winters but temperate summers.

  • Angel

    Wow, that is quite a lizard! I am definitely going to have to show that to the boys in the morning . I'm glad your drama finally ended, and I think you can be excused for not wanting to get any schoolwork done in that kind of heat!

  • Renee Wilson

    40 degree days are just cruel. I would be beginning to unravel even if I didn't have any medical crises to deal with. Glad things have settled now. Enjoy the next couple of months with all of the kids at home 🙂

  • Erin

    Certainly never dull, I'm craving dull.

    It's a goanna. It was a big one, I joked it was as big as a Komodo Dragon. Imagine it would have been a huge temperature shock!

    What did the boys think of the goanna? I'm so pleased life has settled too!

    Well it's been pretty hot up there too hasn't it? Was unraveling fast by the end

    Was so awesome to meet:):)

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