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My Daybook: October 14th, 2015

Outside my window…

it’s early morning, so a clear sky, however I wonder if the afternoon will bring storm clouds again. The season of summer storms appears to be beginning early this year, this is of concern as our intention is to begin a new building project this weekend, re-roofing our ‘old house’ to be in uniform with the ‘new’

dybk oct 2

I am thankful…

to be well again. After a fortnight of sicknesses of varying lengths for different family members, it’s wonderful to be out of bed and eating again, to be slowly gaining energy

I am thinking…

about picture books. Traditionally in Term 4 we celebrate ‘Leaping into Literature’ (three years qualifies as traditional), where we immerse ourselves in picture books, I particularly love books of substance. I’ve been clicking and reserving my way through our library’s online catalogue, hoping to find some treasures

Learning all the time…

We slowly started lessons back last week and this Term is all about literacy; reading, writing and spelling are the focus. Jem is ‘keen as mustard’ to read, initiating and prolonging his daily reading sessions, he is making rapid progress. An older sibling isn’t keen, is resistant, his progress is halting. The desire to read makes the world of difference, you can make plans and implement them, but the biggest contributing factor to success is the desire to read, nothing can substitute

dybk oct 1


Celebrating the liturgical year……

celebrating the liturgical year seems to be low on our priorities, I wish it was otherwise but it’s not, that’s the sad truth. These days I’m all about survival and liturgical year celebrations has been one ‘plate that rarely spins’

From the kitchen…

currently feeling rather frustrated with our kitchen, it’s a small place to meet the needs of many.  Generally I try to maintain an upbeat attitude about my lack of bench space but at present I’m irked, it will pass I know, but for now it’s bothering me

I am creating…

my new website. Ta da!:) It has been a journey of steep learning and quite frustrating at times. Two factors of importance I discovered; the theme you select will hugely impact your success, I spent several frustrating days with my first theme, only to give up as I realised the theme was ‘untried’, it was comforting though to know it wasn’t me. The ‘key that changed all’ was the discovery of a couple of excellent youtubes that walked me through step by step. Finally it all began falling into place


dybk oct 3


I am working on…

updating and ‘prettifying’ my book website, Aussie Book Threads, giving it a whole new look. I’m rather excited and keen to reveal to you, hopefully soon

I am going…

we are all going to Sydney later this year for a family holiday. We’re very excited as it’s been thirteen years since we’ve enjoyed a family holiday. I’ve begun a ‘what to see’ list; the Powerhouse Museum is a must, and the children would love to visit the zoo, is it worth the price of the tickets?  Any other ‘must see’s’ in Sydney to recommend?

I am hoping…

to recover my energy a little faster. I have a burst, achieve and then feel quite wiped out

I am praying…

for our children’s intentions, each unique, each important

dybk oct 4


I am pondering….

phonics and it’s power as foundational stones for literacy success. I used All About Reading 1 (no 2 is the mail) with Jem who is powering along with reading. I didn’t use AAR with his older siblings and I believe they are labouring under a disadvantage

I am reading…

The Australian series by William Stuart Long. A multi-generational saga beginning with the arrival of the convicts on the First Fleet through to the First World War. The author has researched Australian History thoroughly and woven many historical events into the twelve books

Reading The Mapmakers Chronicles to the children, promise to review when finished but for now I’ll share, we are loving them!

I am listening to……

nothing, I have plans but nothing eventuates

I am hearing…

silence. last week we informed the children that until their reading improved dramatically there would be no computer mid-week, Friday and Saturdays were the only computer days. One child did not cope well with this new approach, tantrums and attitude ensued however energy was focused on reading,so success

dybk oct 5


I am struggling…

to maintain a productive learning day, a clean home and a balanced menu. I have to accept until my energy returns this will continue to be our reality, this sickness has wiped us all out

Clicking around…

well haven’t made it to anything beyond website design, however if you are designing I highly recommend

How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – Tutorial for Beginners (1)

How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – Tutorial for Beginners (2)

Around the house…

This weekend we begin re-roofing our ‘old house’ to mesh with our new.  We’ve estimated a major project such as this should take 2 weeks. As summer storms are a real possibility, and with the roof off possessions are at risk, my task is to move 5 rooms of belongings into the ‘new end’ of the house.  Considering these five rooms include our library (think 8000 books), our study (7 computers) and our learning room (oh my!) this is a huge undertaking and I haven’t even begun

One of my favorite things…

Leaping into Literature, rather excited Term 4 is here, I always enjoy the change of pace, now to begin reading our new finds

dybk oct 6


A few plans for this week…

dance classes will be a big focus until after the Concert next month. Princess has double lessons for nearly all three of her classes each week, a killing pace for her as she is still quite weak

A little peek at my day…

spelling, writing and reading practice, then I’ll read through a whole slew of books to the children. Then of course the inevitable dance lessons this afternoon. Sounds like a plan:)

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  • Suzanne

    We did a Sydeny trip earlier this year for our eldest daughters 10th birthday. We went to the museum, zoo, a ferry trip to the zoo, Bondi beach and pics at the opera house. A must do is the darling quarter playground at darling harbour ( bring swimming clothes).The blaxland riverside playground at sydeny Olympic park also looks great but we didn’t get there. The Pensione hotel Haymarket was good. This website is good for Sydney tips

    • Erin

      Hi:):) Thanks for the tips, writing them down! and will check out the link too:)
      Game is Catan Seafarers, we bought Jack Jack the Settlers of Catan for Christmas and the Seafarers is like an extension of the game. There are other extensions you can buy too such as Pirates.

  • Cassie W.

    I’m loving the new blog! (And missed you!) We went on a family “holiday” (love that word! much better than trip or vacation as it is normally called here) a few weeks ago. A holiday to the beach (14+ hour drive) and it has been 12 years. Caleb didn’t even remember the first trip and we didn’t have Tyler yet. I hope you and everyone is back to 100% health very soon.

  • Angela

    Hope you are feeling better now! The new website looks great. I sympathize with design woes, though… It sucks up an incredible amount of time and energy. And the kitchen… Know exactly what you mean. Everything just seems to require time, energy, and effort (and money) that are sometimes in short supply, doesn’t it? Looks like we’re putting off our kitchen yet again… Big sigh… But i guess if I’ve coped for 5 years, I can cope a little longer, right?

  • Kate

    Hi Erin
    I have been checking on your blog for a number of years now, and have now finally joined the blogging world. Thanks for your inspiration over the years.
    It’s great that your kids enjoy the ‘Catan’ games – my kids love them as well.
    All the best for the last term of the year!

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