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My Liturgical Plans

Every New Year I make many of the same New Year Resolutions. One always at the head of the list is ‘This is the Year we will consistently live the Liturgical Year’ Despite good intentions it never works out as well as I would like. In part this is due to lack of planning. By nature I am more of a ‘fly by the pants’ sort of girl. I have known for some time for my plans to succeed I have to plan ahead. When I saw Anne’s ‘Calendar List of all my Saints Books’ on her sidebar I knew I had found my ‘diving board’.

These holidays I finally tackled listing all my resources. I downloaded Anne’s file, thanks Anne:):) and then using it as a template started entering my own. Of course many books Anne had I don’t and vice versa but it did save entering many of the saints names and dates. This was a mammoth task that has taken hours of work over the holidays. I found it handy to have a ‘Key’ at the top, ie. Chapter Book-ChB, Short Story for Young Children- SYC etc At a glance now I can see what books I have for the Saint of the Day and can tell what I have for my various age groups.

One decision I made was to follow the Church’s Calendar of today. I remember many saints’ feasts as a child being celebrated on different dates to the Calender of today, but after prayer I realised it really didn’t matter when these celebrations are but that they are celebrated. For my children these are the dates they are growing up with. This took a great deal of research as many of our books have old dates. So it took time to co-ordinate all the dates. If you notice anything incorrect please feel free to let me know.

This project has been really worthwhile as we have many resources that are simply not being used. I am very excited about our Liturgical Resource File.

Another great idea I am going to implement with this is Dawn’s Faith at Home Notebook. Printing out ideas and placing them in manila folders has never appealed to me because I know I will never remember to open the folders. However I really like the idea of filing notes in a three-ring binder. With my book resources divided monthly, at the front of every section I finally feel like I might have success:)

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