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The Octomom Award – Now Why Me;) ?

My dear friend Jessica has given me the Octomom Award.

The rules for The Octamom Award are:

1) You must eat a piece of chocolate in honor of accepting The Octamom Award.
2) You must eat yet another piece of chocolate when you put the award on your blog.
3) Try to go by and see the other good folks I’m going to put a link up for.
4) Feel free to add or subtract from the rules as suits your fancy…except that chocolate one…I must insist on that.

Why do all my friends keep offering me chocolate? I try to be good, well I try a little but I try. Well maybe not, blush. When I had Jem my darling friends bought me gifts, gorgeous clothes for my newborn and well I have to confess chocolate! Lots of chocolate!! By the time I finished my stay, two days later, I had received a packet of Tim Tams, a double packet of Tim Tams, a block of Cadbury chocolate and a family block of Chocolate and a tin of Milo. Are you wondering how much I took home? blush, can I pass on that? I want you to know btw that I didn’t ask, I didn’t even hint, I don’t know why they did.

Now I pass this award on to ALL my readers, I know I have some out there. Come out whoever you are, don’t be shy. Please join in the choc-a-feast and come back and let me know when you’ve eaten your bar, whoops I mean piece of chocolate.

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