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Organisational Bliss

Every family needs a shipping container, truly it is an organisational dream.  Originally, as we spent three years squishing a large family into 77 square metres the shipping container was a necessity. Now it plays a different but integral role.

As we had a massive cull and re-organisation of the shed and container recently, I thought I’d take you on a tour, perhaps I shall convince you that you too, need one of these;)
*In Australia most homes do not have attics or basements, flooding and white ants are deterants.

On the immediate front left we have baby furniture and tall sports equipment, golf clubs, cricket bats, tennis rachets etc

Continuing along we come to the clothing cupboard.  With both genders and a wide age spread it is economically prudent to store clothes not currently in use.  The computer hardware is for rebuilding projects, in the far left corner hiding behind the bed are a couple of cupboards belonging to PC’s grandmother, the Christmas tree and crib and the camping swags.

On the right, are boxes of empty CD/DVD cases and books. The books are copies of our ‘cream of the crop’ in storage for some very special people. Next bay contains bags of memorabilia, cards and  precious gifts, more computer hardware and books.  Also a bag of jackets, we call this the ‘bonfire bag’ as the only time we need warm jackets is during winter watching bonfires.

On the top shelf are books for siblings, this is the remnant of my culling, each box is labelled with one of my seven siblings’ name and awaiting collection. Sleeping bags, camping mats, tents and more camping gear.  More clothing bags and several boxes and bags of shoes.  On the right front are trays of sporting equipment, balls, soccer, swimming and biking gear.

The hardwood shelving, designed and built by PC can hold an incredible amount of weight, he is totally one awesome guy!
Are you convinced that you need one of these?:)

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