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Our Bookworm

Ours is a reading household, I read, PC reads and most of the children are readers. We are surrounded by bookcases, all overflowing with books. It was with great shock that I realised that one child in particular wasn’t reading, not real reading in the sense that I mean. Sure he was reading Hardy Boys and Phantom comics but that doesn’t count.

Casting around for a way to improve this situation I came up with the ‘Bookworm’ idea and the introduction of ‘silent reading’ time during our lessons. It reminds me of the SSR, Sustained Silent Reading we had in the school system in the 80s. I never thought I’d have to alot time for a child of mine to read!

The Bookworm looks like this:

Every circle equals a book read.

Its Purpose: To Encourage reading.

The Goal: Once a child reads 12 books he receives his prize, a book of course! [Koala has to read 60, which is comparable to the boys reading 12]

The Rules: You may not read any books previously read [This is to encourage the children to look beyond their favourites]

It may not be twaddle [Mum deems what is twaddle]

It has to be of suitable difficulty related to your reading ability.

When did we start?:At the beginning of Term 3 which is 15 weeks ago.

Explanation of what you can see: The first line is Koala’s books, 2nd Carpenter’s, 3rdEinstein’s and 4th is Michaelangelo.

How is it made: The circles are made from Jack Jack’s nesting cups or the inner circle of a roll of sticky tape. As you can see the older children have taken more care to make their worms look attractive.

The Winners thus far?? Well Einstein and Michealangelo have completed their 12:)

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  • Mary G


    I love this idea! It’s so hard when the big ones are reading …. sometimes the little ones get “forgotten” in the mix (or they’re so used to big folks reading to them, they don’t want to read to themselves!).

    I just might have to “borrow” this idea for my own littles … THANKS!

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