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Our ‘Boy’ the Swim Coach

Our son Carpenter is supporting himself through College as a swimming instructor. Whilst staying with our College children I was thrilled to have the opportunity to watch him teach.  His love of teaching was something he had already conveyed in his discussions with us, but seeing him teach, it was most apparent.

He had a smile for each child, was clear in his directions and expectations, and radiated a joy and love for what he was imparting. In particular I loved watching his hand signals, being an indoor pool the noise was incredible, the hand signals he developed were ingenious and the instruction clear.

Carpenter has now been teaching for a year and has over 100 students and feels a strong sense of accountability for each child.  He teaches toddlers through to teenagers, and soon will be teaching babies as young as 6 months.  He not only teaches swim classes but also coaches a swim squad.

We’re rather impressed with how Carpenter who was only 17 when he left for the City, undertook training, found a position with a Swim School, and is now teaching several hours a week.  I guess all those years when we took him to swim lessons, squad trainings and 5am morning trips to town had several benefits.

We’re proud of you Son!!!

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  • Dominic Hassett

    Thanks Mum 🙂

    Glad you got to come and see me teach!

    p.s didn't realize you were taking photos…to take photos you are meant to get it cleared by the office at the front or else could get in trouble! lol oh well 😛

  • Erin

    So pleased I did too:)
    I was moving the camera to focus on you to cut out as many kids as possible cause I'm always conscious of privacy. Decided it was okay to post as all the kids are blurry and you can't seen them in any distinct form, all very blurry which was good. The clearest pics are the teachers and even they're not good shots and I reasoned they wouldn't be a problem.

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