Our Easter Egg Tradition

On Holy Saturday we once again enjoyed our family tradition of painting Easter eggs.

Over the past fifteen years the children have amassed an impressive collection.  As I have been unable to find pysanky kits her in Australia we use acrylic paints.

This year I was impressed with the level of detail and care Jack Jack took.

Our traditions began simply, but over the years it has taken on a life of its own:)


It was so special to see Anna Maria come home and still be keen to participate in our family tradition:)

As always her attention to detail was outstanding and her egg finds a place as a family heirloom.


She truly has a gift!

I wonder what she could manage with high quality brushes and paints.

All for His Honour.

Michelangelo had intended on adding layers to his white egg, however I quite enjoy the simplicity of the white.

Princess had rather a green and yellow theme this year.

 Whereas Jelly Bean was drawn to the reds and oranges.  They will complement nicely.

Jack Jack’s final work of art that so consumed him.

Jem was keen to be part of our decorating.

This year’s contribution brings our collection to four dozen painted eggs.  We have lost a few over the years, I need to look at a way of storing our heirlooms in something other than egg cartoons. 

Traditions are truly precious.

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