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Our Lads Make Their Sacraments

Yesterday Jack Jack made his Confirmation
 and Jem made his First Holy Communion.
To receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is such a blessing
and as our Bishop told the children, in the times ahead they will need to be brave.
Michelangelo on the right who was fortunate to Serve for this special occasion.
Jem was so excited to receive our Blessed Lord for the first time
and is keen to receive Him again soon.
Our Bishop has now Confirmed seven of our children.
Yesterday was the Birthday of Our Blessed Mother, hence blue vestments, not the usual red for Confirmation.


Anna Maria is godmother to both the boys, so it was extra special she was able to be with them for the big day. Sadly their big brothers were not able to make it home for the event, though they were there in Spirit. Carpenter who is Jem’s godfather is keen to see these pics, as is Einstein:)


Jack Jack took Pius (Pius X) as his Confirmation name, big shoes to emulate.
What an incredible Saint he is!
JJ is looking happy and relaxed however he was incredibly nervous beforehand, thankfully we made it through.


Jem’s pics cause me to smile, this wild larrikin was so serious in all his photos.
He received Our Blessed Lord most reverently and I’m assuming it was still serious business afterwards.


All together minus our two oldest lads, who were there in Spirit.
Most disappointed to realise I didn’t get photos of just PC & I with our Sacramental boys.
Just love Bella in her party dress and boots.
May the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Graces of Our Blessed Lord
strengthen our lads in their walk with Him.
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  • Theresa

    Congratulations!!! How amazing the the same bishop has confirmed so many of your children!
    Beautiful photos 🙂
    (I love when you use the word *keen* and tried it out in a recent blog post. I hope I used it the right way! My relatives in Australia use the word *dear* as opposed to "expensive" and I like that replacement, also 🙂 )

    • Erin

      It wasn't until Tuesday that I realised this, and realised it was pretty amazing.
      Didn't realise keen (and dear) were Australian only expressions! Would be interesting to know how many other words 'we' use that Americans don't.

  • John

    We raised ten, out of which came one broker, one senior management in a lending firm, one doctor, three bank employees, one manageress of Franklin’s, and co-director of floor coverings, and two more with a promise of success. The biggest hurdle was listening to someone who could not keep house with her six saying “You poor things.” We were rich in Irish values, and poor only in finances. I wish I could do it all over again, and this time I would have had twenty. Loved them all and justifiably proud of them living out their Christian lifestyles as far as God allows; pray for them regularly (the rosary I recommend), and listening skills. Yes, we can show them out there how to live and change this Great South Land to live out its potential for many generations to come.

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