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Our Local Fun Run

Last weekend four of our children ran in our local fun run. Last year all six older children participated but this year we didn’t train. (Last year the three boys ran 5km) For this reason they opted to only run in the 2km heat.

Our runners this year were Carpenter, Michelangelo, Jelly Bean(5) and Jack Jack(3). (Koala ran unofficially as she accompanied the younger two) Truthfully the younger ones ran only 1km.

Carpenter impressed us all with placing 3rd overall and taking home a trophy. Well done son:) He tells us he will train next year.

Michelangelo placed 16th overall and 4th in his age division.
Jelly and Jack were the youngest competitors.
We are all vowing to practice next year and join in the fun.
We are so proud of you all:)

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  • ~ Judy ~

    WOW! "HATS OFF" to you kids!
    GREAT JOB! Our family shares your love of races…we host an annual RACE DAY in our field!
    Can't wait to show my runners these awesome photos of yours! ENJOY YOUR PRIZES!

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