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Our Playground

When we moved to this property no children had lived here previously so slowly we have set about making an outdoor play area for the children.

One favourite item which we had bought with us was the trampoline, a combined Christmas present from The Uncles.

Our first addition was the sandpit built by Carpenter.

Our next addition was the tennis pole. We had purchased these items before and always found that the aluminum pole is too light to stand up to the good hard thwacks of the children so PC decided to take the top off a ruined set and attach it to a metal pole and cement it in. This is now being constantly used.

Jelly Bean received her heart’s delight when her daddy built her this massive swing set in January. Even mum and dad can swing on these. We intend on having a fourth swing we have yet to source a needed and difficult to obtain part. A metal connector to attach the swing and chain to one another. So if any local friends have a discarded swing set we would be grateful recipients.

We have decided that as each child has a birthday throughout the year we are going to add to our playground. Einstein’s birthday was last week and he received a hammock

and PC and Carpenter busily set to work building a soccer goal.

Einstein and all the children were delighted with the finished result.

Here they are before soccer games on Saturday morning getting in some last minute practice.

We have lots more birthdays this year so are after more ideas if you have any:)

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  • Anonymous

    I love your blog. I'm a 17 y.o. girl, so I guess I relate most to Koala. She sounds like my older sister though- industrious and selfless.

    I suggest a see-saw: they are great fun and relatively easy to make.

  • Anonymous

    Plus they are great for learning about inequality signs in maths:

    i.e. Einstein> Michelangelo
    and Einstein> Jem
    but Einstein= Michelangelo+Jem

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