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31 Day Photography Challenge: May 2016


photo challenge

Improving our photography skills is something many of us long to do but for many it seems an impossible dream. I indeed relate as I was once a dreadful photographer, think headless, dark and blurry, thanks to the advent of the digital camera my family begun to retain their heads. More recently my skills continued to improve indeed jumped several notches thanks to; reading photography tips, undertaking a course and most importantly ‘practice, practice and practice’.

I’m by no means a professional photographer but as someone who, only ‘moments ago’ was a total rank amateur I can completely relate to your bewilderment of all things camera, yet your keen desire to improve. I’d like to support and encourage you by offering a few tips and direction throughout the month of May and a forum to display your photos. By popular request I’ll be hosting a 31 Day Photography Challenge during the month and would like to invite all my readers to join the fun. We’ll be linking back here every Tuesday, beginning on the 10th May.  Also sharing on instagram with #31dayphotography


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