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Photography Challenge Showcase – Week 3

Join us each Monday in May as we endeavour to have fun whilst striving to improve our photography skills with a challenge. This week we have focused on Days 15-21, next Monday we’ll be sharing Days 22-28. Many thanks to our four dedicated participants who’ve joined us for the past two week’s showcase:)

Day 15: A photo of wildlife
Okay a cheat here, took this in January, looking back  I can see the quality of my photography has improved, and how not using a tripod in this pic has created a slight blur. 

16: A photo of flowers

Day 17: A photo of trees
The tree assignment was much harder than I anticipated, trying to fit gums in, I just couldn’t do them justice.

Day 18: A photo of something rustic

Day 19: A photo after dark

Day 20: A photo of one of your favourite places to be. 
Another shot that doesn’t receive justice. Our home, built by us, slowly becoming one home.

Day 21: A photo of daily life
True reality in all its messy glory:)

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  • Sue Elvis


    You live in a beautiful place!

    I understand what you mean about doing the gums justice. How can anyone capture their magnificence in a small photo?

    Is the kangaroo a local? I wonder if you have much wildlife wandering through your property.

    Great photos! You have inspired me to read my camera manual properly. Now all I have to do is go outside and look for something to photograph!

  • Erin

    I often think if I left australia I'd kiss a gum on return;) Yes we have lOTS of wildlife which was why it was frustrating I didn't manage to get any last week. That kangaroo was sitting on our back lawn.

    Well the good news is they can clean it up now:)

    Thank you, but yes the subject is good we live in a gorgeous place. Learning lots myself doing this:)

    So at peace here:) thanks for joining in again:)

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