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Pinning it Down – Grain Free Breakfast

Joining in once again with Sarah and Pam as they encourage me to turn my pins into an actual project.


In our endeavour to follow the Whole 30 I have seriously tackled the question of ‘what to eat for breakfast?’ with a daily menu. As I knew this morning was grain free muffins, it was simply a matter of  popping over to my pinterest grain free board last night and making a selection.

At six o’clock this morning I whipped up a couple of dozen muffins and a couple of loaves; Grain Free blueberry and zucchini spice muffins from Organic & Thrifty and Grain Free, Sugar Free Banana Bread from Spoonful of Sugar.  So easy.

So what do the taste testers say? PC and I enjoyed the muffins but the children were a little uncertain about the berries.  I used mixed as I didn’t have enough blueberries.

The spices in the zucchini muffins just popped in your mouth, but they were slightly dry. PC felt they would have been delicious with a cup of tea, alas we’re water drinkers here.

The banana bread was the favourite with the children, although slightly oily as I used regular butter not almond butter as per the recipe.  I also substituted the flaxseed for coconut flour.  I was rather keen on this recipe as it was flourless, so most cost effective.
Another successful grain free breakfast:)

Head on over to Sarah’s to join in the party fun!
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  • Sarah

    Mmmm…. I need to make banana bread. That sounds really, really good! I think I know what the littles will be doing for "science" today. 😉

    Great pins!

  • Amy

    Those look yummy! I feel like at least a few of my family members need to go grain free, but I'm having trouble comprehending how to do that long term when we can't eat eggs. I would miss things like this too much!

  • Erin

    We have taken a slow entry to the lifestyle, some started a year ago, we all dabbled and then all now. Love Pinterest!!

    are you going to use nut butter? I have some 'how to make it pins'. if using dairy butter I'd use only half a cup. let me know how it turns out.

    have you tried chia seeds? I've just discovered they can be used for all sorts of things including stew thickeners and egg substitutes!

  • Erin

    I read that post you wrote, and I went and followed the prompts last week, how do I know if it is working properly?
    Didn't know that about you mum, how interesting.

  • Chareen

    You will know it's working when you can hit a reply button below each seperate comment. Check my pinning it down. I responded in threaded comments to your comment.

    Anyone can then comment on others comments as each comment contains a reply button.

    I think you might need to remove the pop up window setting for threaded commenting to work.

  • Heather

    Good for you for changing your diet in this way! We have faced many challenges with changing ours over the last few years. We eliminated the artificials (flavors, colors, preservatives, etc.) and sometimes, it's SO difficult. But I make a lot now from scratch. Now, I really should make some banana bread…

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