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Planning – 1st Week of Advent

First Sunday of Advent
-Purchase Pudding ingredients.
-Bake Christmas Pudding.

Feast of St Francis Xavier December 3rd
Name Day for two of our boys. They have requested a chocolate mud cake.
– Purchase mud cake ingredients.
– Craft; St Francis Xavier Ornaments
-Read St Francis Xavier’s story.

Feast of St Barbara December 4th
– Celebrate with our Chocolate Tower.
– Purchase chocolate,(for St Barbara’s Tower) Red Lollies (for her blood)
-Make pinata.
– Read St Barbara’s story.

Feast of Saint Nicholas December 6th
*This year due to the Feast falling on Sunday we will celebrate on the 5th.
– Purchase children’s books for their St Nicholas Gifts.
– Purcahse purple wrapping paper
– Purchase candy canes for St Nicholas Feast.
– Purchase chocolate coins.
– Purchase ingredients for Spekulatius cookies

– Make Spekulatius cookies
-Gather our St Nicholas books together and read.
– St Nicholas Unit. (Printed from Kathryn’s old blog) Best I’ve seen. May get to do some of this in Week 1.
St Nicholas Center, food, craft, colouring and more!

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