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Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 3

As I shared previously I am organising our subjects for the term into blocks. For the five youngest that is. Block A will consist of History, Language Arts and Fine Arts A, Block B will consist of Science,Geography, Typing and Fine Arts B. Maths, Faith and Literature will be included in blocks A and B.

Science for our highschoolers will require no planning as they are working their way through Exploring the World of Chemistry when they complete that they are going to start Exploring the World of Physics.
Our primary/infants children have expressed a desire to do a unit on animals. To this end I have gathered all of our animal books together and we will simply read at will, following whatever rabbit trail the children like. For every animal we study I plan on having the children notebook some basic information and drawing/printing a picture of said animal. And of course this will tie in with our picture book reading. This may be ‘winging it’ a too much, so I may yet decide to pick 4+ animals and write out a set of research questions. ie. What do they eat, where do they live etc.

Geography will follow a couple of approaches. For the older two I am still trying to source World Physical Geography by Runkle in the meantime Koala will re-visit ‘Atlas Fun’ an OOP book that focuses on Australian mapwork in an engaging manner. All the children will begin a unit on Asia, this will include chapter, picture and reference books. I have decided to design a basic research sheet for each country, plus the dc will be notebooking points of interest. We will also make salt dough maps. I mainly wish the dc to form a feel for the culture of each region and a have a basic understanding of mapwork.

For history we will be continuing with RC History as our spine, using units units 5 & 6 we will cover 300-800AD. Koala will also add relevant chapters from Christ the King Lord of History. From various sources I have pulled together this booklist for unit 5. (I haven’t yet compiled a list for 500-800AD.)To add a more hands on component I am purchasing some of these suggestions.. The children will also keep notebooks that will contain their narrations and they will also add to our family timeline.

Well that wraps it up, I had best start printing and fine tuning as the term starts back in four days.

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