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Post Revisit: Creating Advent Traditions

As we begin the countdown to the First Sunday in Advent I thought I’d direct you to an old favourite written four years ago.  A letter inspired by my little sister who at the time was celebrating her first Christmas with her firstborn.

Talking old Advent posts I’ve organised all of our Advent posts into an updated mega post; books, planning and celebrations, click on the Advent Wreath on the sidebar to see.

Dear New Mum,

Advent is a beautiful time, a time of reflection and expectation as we await the celebration of His birth.
I know that you are eager to share in this celebration with your child, and yet you wonder where to begin. Perhaps you have little/no family traditions to draw upon, the concept of ‘The Domestic Church’ is totally new to you, or you have been reading about Advent traditions and feel totally overwhelmed. “Where do I start?” “I want to do it all!” “I want to do it right!” are perhaps some of the thoughts racing through your mind.

There is no correct way, there is no way you can ‘do it all’………..continued here

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