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Preparing for Lent

It was with shock yesterday I realised that Ash Wednesday is next week!!  Oh my, time to gather my thoughts and plan our Lent.  Of necessity Lent will be simple this year as two weeks after Lent begins our sweet babe joins us:)  As I jotted down traditions I realised that we have adopted a number over the years, in keeping with a Simple Lent, we’ll only be adding a few new items.
Decorating Our Altar
Ash Wednesday our purple cloth will be placed on the family altar, the altar stripped bare save a Pieta statue and crucifix.

Sacrifices & Virtues
As a family we will choose a Lenten Sacrifice, and we also commit to individual sacrifices.  Sometimes these may take more the form of a virtue to strive towards.  

Lenten Books

We have a lovely collection of Lenten books.  We’ll enjoy our picture books together, read Vinegar Boy – Albert Hawse as our read aloud, and older family members will have a list of spiritual reads. I’m planning on buying a few new books for the older children, considering What Jesus saw from the Cross, any suggestions or thoughts?  Also printing out A Thought a Day from my dear friend Jenn.

Sacrifice Crown 
Long a favourite family tradition, a braided bread dough crown, covered in ‘thorns’.  As the children make a sacrifice or commit an act of charity they remove a ‘thorn’ from the crown.

Lenten Calendar
We have made various types of calendars over the years, but in keeping with Simplicity this Lent, Catholic Icing’s calendar’s are perfect.

Stations of the Cross
Friday nights we meditate upon the Stations, lighting our candles as we Follow the Way. I’m hoping to print out Kathryn’s 3 Part Cards and make up a Stations of the Cross box for the little ones.

Holy Heroes
We’ll sign up for Lenten Adventure, a very easy, no stress way to observe Lent.

Lenten Lapbooks
We have used Lapbooks for Catholics in the past, and I do like the look of these free lapbooks.  Essentially this project will have to be child driven this Lent.  The materials will be provided if the interest is there.

Jesus Tree
Inspired by Jessica and Anne’s Jesus Trees I began making our own last year.  This project is not quite finished but I’m planning on enlisting the aid of my girls to do so this year.  Another visual/prayerful way to observe Lent.

Burying the Alleluia
I have long wanted to do this but wooden letters are very expensive.  Reading Sarah’s post I realised I didn’t need wooden letters!  Thank you Sarah:)  Adding this easy tradition this year:)
I’m now thinking I could do something similar for the ‘PREPARE / REPENT’ letters I’ve long wanted to display.

There are so many more ideas available but we’ll be keeping it Simple.

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  • Sue Elvis

    Thank you for sharing your Lenten ideas, Erin. I followed the links for the books you mentioned. They look interesting. Do you buy books from overseas regularly? Do they take long to come?
    I wonder if you have read Fr John O'Neill's children's book "Benjamin". It is very moving and well written. We just love Fr 'Neill's books. God bless

  • Erin

    Glad to help:) Yes, I only buy from overseas now, so cheap and wonderful service. I buy from; Bk Depository, Betterworld (both have FREE postage and cheap prices) and sometimes Abe books. BK Dep generally take 2 weeks, Better World and Abe about 3.

    We haven't read any of Fr O'Neills books.

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