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Re-visiting Montessori

Many years ago….. it does seem like that at times… when my oldest daughter was a pre-schooler I began immersing myself in Maria Montessori’s philosophy. I read a great many books written by and about Maria Montessori’s ideas and ways to implement these in my home. During that time I made a few great homemade Montessori materials, the sand paper letters that Prince Charming and I made back then are still going strong today. As the years got busy and space was at a premimum I found we didn’t have Montessori shelves set up as such.

However the ideas gleaned from those earlier years were never lost. I was always conscious of the importance of ‘real work’ for children. Often today I am reminded of real work when I see my toddler eager to wash up or sweep the floor. I haven’t forgotten Miss Montessori’s insistence on the child being taught in a manner which fully engages them. I am now feeling a desire to re-visit and re-immerse Montessori’s ideas and method. I feel like a child relearning to ride a bike, eager yet a little nervous, conscious of all I don’t know.

I know I will be visiting Theresa often for ideas, here are some wonderful links to making your own materials. I’m inspired but first I must clean out my cupboard…

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