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Reading the Works of ‘The Bard’

As I shared previously we were to study a little Shakespeare this term. Well we stayed to plan (amazing!;)

We reserved a pile of books from our library and found we only had time to read the one. Stories from Shakespeare by Geraldine McCaughrean became our favourite, we read plays such as Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, and Twelfth Night. We also enjoyed listening to Shakespeare for Children by Jim Weiss this CD was of a Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Taming of the Shrew. The Bard of Avon: Story of William Shakespeare by Diane Stanley a biography for children rounded out our study. I was pleasantly surprised to find it all far easier than I thought and the children were interested and keen.

Koala (15) was so interested that she took it to the next step. She managed to read through the library pile of other authors including Leon Garfield’s Stories. Then one day when I read the comedy Twelfth Night she was so taken with the sheer ridiculousness of the story she wished to read the fuller version. On my 30th birthday I had been gifted by my dear friends with a set of Shakespeare’s Complete Works. As they have fit his work into three volumes I’m sure you can imagine how tiny the print is, it was to these book that Koala turned. Koala read her way through the following of Shakespeare’s plays Twelfth Night, Comedy of Errors, The Taming of the Shrew and Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was estatic:) This was what I was striving for.

If you are like me and hesitating I encourage you to dive right in, you just never know where it may lead you.

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