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Roman Projects

Now I have found my camera/computer cord I thought it time to share the hands on projects the boys undertook when we studied Early Church/Roman History

Einstein made a centurion’s helmet which was a difficult task for him as making items such as this is not his natural forte. I found that if I worked with him every step of the way he managed and was very proud of his end result.

If you visit the above link you shall find detailed instructions on how to make the helmet. Their result was far more elaborate than ours but I was just so pleased that Einstein completed this project.

Michelangelo was so taken with David Macaulay’s ‘City’ that he designed and made an aquaduct all on his own. It was very impressive and I was so proud of him.

Carpenter’s approach to building his Roman Temple was similar to his cooking approach. “I looked at the picture and then made it, I didn’t follow the directions as I don’t like following directions.” and yet like his cooking masterpieces it turned out wonderfully. I was pretty happy actually that he completed it, I’m finding that 13 year old boys really have trouble staying focused for long.

We don’t often do hands-on activities here as the children aren’t that interested, I’ve come to accept that that’s our family learning style. So these projects were extra special to me.

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