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Simply Delighted – Stylish Blogger Award

Can you begin to imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered I had been chosen for a ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ Me! Not only had I been awarded by one blogger but by two! my very dear friend Leanne and a new friend Vicky, both kindred spirits and a source of great inspiration.
Thank you dear friends, although I’m not certain that my name and stylish are synonymous, I’m totally delighted:)

Sharing seven tidbits about me that I may not have shared before.
1. I am the oldest of eight.
2. I met PC when I was 19, married at 20. (nearly 21)
3. This is the third house we have renovated/extended.
4. My parenting style could be described as relaxed.
5. I completed one year of University. (Teaching)
6. Before marriage I worked a variety of jobs; including Clerical, Retail, Hospitality and Fruit Picking.
7. I dream of owning a second-hand book store when my children are grown.

Nominating five blogs. Oh so hard to only choose five.
Wanting to share the joy and looking forward to learning more about you.
1. Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things.
Sarah’s joy of travelling the learning journey with her children is so clear. She so often inspires and rejuvenates me, thank you Sarah:)
2. Deanne at Five Brothers, One Sister.
Deanne has been my friend for 14 years now. Once upon a time when we met we had five children between us, now we have 15!
3. Tracey at Little Men in My Library.
If I was ever so blessed as to meet Tracey in person I know we’d talk books non-stop.
4. Jeanne at Peaceful Day.
Jeanne’s mind never stops, her posts are always brimful of ideas. Poetry, Nature, Charlotte Mason, Books and best of all my particular love Australian History and Literature to name a few.
5. Theresa at Lapaz Home Learning.
Theresa’s love of learning and sharing that love with her children never appears to dim.  She often inspires me to relax and trust, to look to the bigger picture.

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  • Deanne

    I will have to do this as I was also nominated by someone else some time ago and haven't done it yet.
    Technically we actually only had three kids between us when we met although that did change just a few weeks later!

  • Jeanne

    Thank you both for the award and for the kind words that accompany it. Coming from you they mean a lot. You and Ruth Marshall were both instrumental in my deciding to homeschool. Did you know that?

  • Erin

    Most welcome and so true.

    I didn't think you would be too surprised;)

    My finger hovered over the keyboard on that one.

    You are most welcome. I wouldn't be surprised if we both shared no 4;)

    Most welcome and so true! I admire you immensely. Really!!! I had NO idea, I'm totally surprised and totally would love to know the story, how, when??

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