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Small Successes (28)


It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.

Pre-Homeschool Camp Edition:
Have the bulk of bags packed.

Have Confirmation Mass booklets formatted ready to print.

Have shopped for summer clothes and shoes.

Bonus 4
I am keeping calm.

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  • Kansas Mom

    You reminded me I could have added I dug out First Son's winter coat from last year and was thrilled to find it still fit! No winter shopping needed, thanks to hand-me-downs! (Really, a huge success of my sister-in-law. I should send her another thank you note.)

  • ViolinMama

    What a great list!! Anything that seems small is SO much bigger than we think it is. Sorry I'm late once again reading, but thanks for inspiring me this weekend 🙂 God Bless!

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