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Sparkling Bathroom

My bathroom is currently sparkling! I walk past just to catch a glimpse:) How did it get this way? I have discovered a wonderful new product from One Group called Bio Pure it is incredible. It seems over the years I have tried many natural products and aids but to be truthfully honest with a large family they just haven’t been adequate. They work but not quite enough. With the Bio Pure I was just wiping over the mold in the shower grout and it was coming off effortlessly. I am thrilled.

Ingredients are: * Purified Water
* organic sugar cane molasses
* Lactobacillus
* organic mineral powder
* Sea Salt
* organic rice bran extract non-gmo lecithin
* Organic Vanilla Extract

I’m totally happy with that. BioPure can be used as a general purpose household cleaner, for floors, kitchen surfaces, mould and mildew areas, and bathrooms so there you go all covered. And best of all it is safe for my septic.

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