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Start Homeschooling Summit Starts Today!

Starts Today

The Start Homeschooling Summit  starts today!!!!

I’m so excited and eagerly looking forward to listening to all the workshops, counting the hours.

I’ve been home educating for a long time and I can sure do with a boost and inspiration. As I shared last week we’ve 34 presenters from around the world chatting about a huge variety of topics.

The Start Homeschooling Summit is a shortcut to creating the kind of homeschool you really want.


What You Receive

All of the videos are FREE for 48 hours after they go live! I really encourage you to join us, I want you to be empowered by the reassurance, inspiration and sense of community from dozens of experienced homeschoolers (hundreds if you join the FB group!) that this week will bring.

FREE for 48 hours!– It’s an amazing opportunity!!

My workshop Maintaining Balance and Preserving Sanity is lucky last 🙂 and I gave a dear friend and newbie homeschooler the opportunity to have a sneak preview of my talk (it’s been pre-recorded) and this is what she said:

“I just want to say I loved every bit! I adored the photos of your journey, really encapsulates your mission and engaged me, I felt inspired. Loved how you were able to list your ideals but also honest about your realities, so much judgement these days and it was so refreshing. I adore the concept of loop scheduling and will attempt that! Bonus downloads brilliant! Just awesome advice that is so practical and helpful. I enjoyed hearing your tips and sanity savers for home life can’t say enough good about it all well done! ” 



If you want to upgrade to the LIFETIME ACCESS bundle which gives you the convenience of listening and watching any of the 34 workshops whenever you like, repeatedly and access to the bonus material the 40% Off Sale Ends in Hours!! The 40% off is only until 1.30pm today! Australian (Sydney) time so CLICK NOW! I would hate you to miss the opportunity.  If you get distracted and forget to upgrade in time, not to worry you’ll still be able to access the 20% Off purchase deal available until Sunday the 25th February.

Not long now, starting in hours 🙂


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